Why Bother With Orgasms?

At age 69 I didn’t have to pursue changing medications with my doctor.  I didn’t have to visit a sex shop.  I definitely didn’t have to buy toys and porn.  There was no man in my life.  I did it because I knew something significant was missing from my life.  I didn’t realize how significant until I had the good fortune of achieving a really powerful orgasm, unlike anything I had experienced before, the kind of thing I had only heard about.  And why does that matter?  Well, It feels fantastic for one thing, but more than that, it’s life affirming.  After I have an orgasmI feel more alive, more vital, sexier, and more present.  And that’s why it was worth all the effort.  Whether I have a partner or not.   

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5 comments on “Why Bother With Orgasms?
  1. Alisdair says:

    What sex shop did you visit? And what did you buy there?

  2. “Orgasm is life-affirming.” This is something we don’t hear enough about. Great work!

  3. Marlon says:

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  4. John Eller says:

    Lynn, you are beautiful! If an orgasm is life affirming, I hope you get to experience a female ejaculation. So beautiful. Nectar of life. Your friend, John

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