The Path to Freedom

I have always been in search for the truth but it was always out of my grasp. Through my memoir I have uncovered it. It was always there, I discovered, under layers of misinformation, manipulation, and sometimes lies.

I didn’t realize I had been repressed sexually until I joined a sex chat site in my 70th year. As you will read in my excerpt, the path to sexual freedom opened up wide once I dipped my toe in the water.

So I hope that – if you have not yet found it – you enjoy your own path to freedom and truth, whatever that may be and wherever it may lead you.


Residing in Los Angeles, Lynn was a musician and composer for several years and is now successful writer. An excerpt from her memoir entitled "My Sexual Awakening at 70" has just been published by as well as The Huffington Post. An interview with HuffPost Women is upcoming.

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3 comments on “The Path to Freedom
  1. buy mobile games says:

    There is definately a great deal to learn about this subject.

    I really like all the points you made.

  2. I think there is a lot of interest among us baby boomers in the next step in our sexuality. I have several friends who are doing some sexual exploring — and I am, too. Looking forward to reading the whole book.

  3. thomsondavid says:

    Amazing book. Can’t stop reading it.

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